Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Hyena Men

The work of Pieter Hugo had been one of the first things the excite me in a long time when I first saw his images. My biggest regret was procrastinating about buying one of his prints from his Capetown Gallery. A lesson not to be repeated, as the edition is sold out and is now going for 10 times the cost in the secondary market. I most recently saw his work in the Street & Studio show at London's Tate Modern (I'll try to write more about that exhibit soon). In the meantime I started this blog to chat about photography, equipment and pop culture - as well as most importantly to highlight the work out there that I loved. Some of that work is in the margins, some of it is in the mainstream. Pieter's work now occupies both. His photos speak on many layers - his sense of timing and choice of subjects couldn't be more interesting or better illustrated. There is a really great interview published on him in the Guardian that follows his thoughts before and after winning the discovery award at the Arles Photography Festival in France this past week.

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