Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mega Megapixel Camera

Martin Ahlgren a DP extraordinaire (whom I met through the director Anders Hallberg many years ago) sent me this picture today. Anders and Martin have always been amazing and inspiring friends with their Swedish disposition and calm way of sharing technical and creative insights about the world of post-production. Anders also has a knack for finding amazing antique furniture (but I'll leave that to discuss another day). If you have time, check out their sites (which link off of their names). Both of their reels are well worth looking at. But let's go back to the rig the Swede is attached to. Martin is holding an Arricam ST outfitted with a Zeiss Master Prime 65mm T1.4 loaded with a 1000' mag. The hand-held suspension rig is called Easy-Rig (he's got version 2.5) and is a Swedish invention. The picture was taken on set for a Guinness spot directed by Andre Stringer of Shilo in good ol' New York last week. I look forward to seeing the final result on air soon. Thanks Martin for sharing.

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