Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Photographers Perspective: Review Santa Fe

The past past May I participated in Review Santa Fe for the first time. It could not have been more rewarding experience and is something I will resource back to for the rest of my life. While I get my thoughts together about my time in Santa Fe, I'll share another photographers experience; Doug Menuez is an amazingly accomplished and well rounded shooter - he was there presenting a group of projects (when not in the review, Doug was a bit of a rockstar constantly surrounded by a buzzing hive of people). We managed to have a few minutes to chat and I hope to reconnect soon - his work in Africa is very deep and committed. Theres a short diary of Dougs thoughts about the Review published on PDNonline. It's worth a read and points out the diverging but positive aspects of the whole experience. Here's the link to his article.

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