Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Boombox Project available exclusively through Gelskins

This is a first for me... I've collaborated with Gelaskins to launch a line of electronic device "skins" based on my Boombox Project pictures. Not only are they available for laptops and iPods - but they are available for your trusty iPhone! It's time to drag out a piece of cardboard and rock your block again!


Jon said...

Just bought one for my mbpro!


Great work!


Jason Spuill said...

Just got mine on my 17" Macbook Pro and it looks sooo cool. Thanks!!! I'm also a livebooks user. I found you first on their site then when I saw the skins I knew I had to have one. Also saw your work in the CA photo annual. Your everywhere!

Jon said...


looks so awesome

great photo Lyle!