Monday, October 6, 2008

Cocksucker Blues

I met Robert Frank last summer - I had given Ross at K&M Camera a large print in thanks for all the help he's given me the last few years with gear. He called me over to the store (which is across the street from my place). While standing in the store he unwrapped this giant package from the framers in front of his dad and this quaint little old guy. We stood admiring the framing job when Ross turns to me and says, "hey, have I introduced you to Robert Frank before?" 



In almost a whisper, Robert says, "Nice work" and shakes my hand. I almost fell over.

Anyway - Someone posted parts of Franks legendary documentary of the Rolling Stones 1972 tour of America called "Cocksuckers Blues" on Youtube. It's an unreal portrait of a band who had grace, rapture, collision, unrest and drive all sewn together with style and verve never to be repeated again. I used to have a VHS copy of the film but it's since been nicked. Enjoy these little bootleg clips for what they are worth (Keith's hair is work of art in itself).

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alexandra k said...

Hey Lyle! When I met Robert he gave me a gift. :)

I hope you've been well...

Alex from K&M