Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photoicon: Blood and Dust

When I started this blog it was to illuminate work I like on the fringes of the photo world, as well as to shine a light on the people I meet and want to celebrate. The final step I wanted to emphasize was the importance of collaboration. This past summer Mike von Joel at Photoicon was putting together an issue about Peter Beard and asked me to write an article based on my experiences with Beard and the impressions I carry about his work having spent so much time shooting in Africa. The result of Mike's request is a beautiful collaboration. In researching the article I e-mailed Ivory Serra (Beard's long-time assistant) to clarify some details. Ivory instead provided an incredible treasure trove of imagery to support the article. It was exactly the right thing to happen. Ivory's photos provided story telling to the gaps in Peter's life that would remain undocumented if he had not been there. The resulting imagery capturess so many rare and special moments in Beards life.

Thanks Ivory for being a legend and thanks to Mike von Joel to being brave enough to think outside the box and orchestrate a really special piece of history. I would never have happened without such a brave publication behind it all. If you have a chance pick up the latest issue of Photoicon on newstands around the world now.

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