Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rewind, Replay, Remix

Scenes from the opening this past weekend (and a sample of part of my Boombox collection on display at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona)

Rewind Remix Replay: Design, Music & Everyday Experience

Design and music intersect in Rewind Remix Replay: Design, Music & Everyday Experience, an exhibition about the material culture of music. See how the designs of musical instruments and playback devices have shaped our experience of music, and how our use and creative modifications of these objects have in turn inspired designers and manufacturers. Radical guitars like Fender’s Stratocaster, electronic synthesizers like the MiniMoog and DJ-inspired turntables like the Numark TTX have led to entirely new forms of music. The innovative designs of such products as the Sony Walkman, the Discolite boombox and Apple’s iPod have created whole new ways of listening to music. Witness the evolution of music culture from the perspective of industrial design, the unique marketing strategies of corporations and the post-market modifications that music-lovers of all genres make to their products.

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