Monday, March 8, 2010

"The Cove" wins best documentary Academy Award

Photographer Louie Psihoyos wins the Oscar for the documentary he directed on the slaughtering of Dolphins in Japan. At the Academy Awards he was interrupted in his ability to give thanks to all the people that helped him make the film (the speech was cut off early by the network). Luckily backstage he got a few extra seconds to pay heed to a few of the key friends, family and co-workers who contributed to the film.

Here's an excerpt of the speech we were not able to see:

"We made this film to give the oceans a voice.

We told the story of The Cove because we witnessed a crime. Not just a crime against nature, but a crime against humanity.

We made this movie because through plundering, pollution and acidification from burning fossil fuels, ALL ocean life is in peril from the great whales to plankton which incidentally is responsible for half the oxygen in this theater.

Thank you, OPS Team for risking your lives in Japan -- and thank You Academy for shining the brightest lights in the world on THE COVE......

Japan, please see this movie for yourselves! Domo Arigato!"

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