Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Aural Curator

Peter Makebish is a wonderful soul who I've had the pleasure of knowing for many years now. We've seen each other grow through many phases and somehow have both managed to reach a point in life where calmness is a prelude to igniting a thunderous creative future as men. His abilities as a composer were posted on the web today. When I was a kid I remember packing horses deep in to the rocky mountains... One afternoon sitting high up on a mountain valley we'd made camp but had the chance to take the horses for a quick sprint before we called it a day. Even now I can recall the touch of the mountain air turning cold as my horse galloped beneath me, it's speed accentuating the severity of our environment; heightening the extremity of the cold air grazing my face as we speed across the meadows surrounded by snow capped peaks... There's an adrenaline rush that comes with those experiences that is without peer, especially living in a city like New York where the energy flux of so many people can hold you frozen solid at times hoping your heart doesn't lose it's own sense of rhythm amongst all the other pounding "noise" of humanity swirling around... Listening to Peter's latest remix with John Wolfington reminded me of that moment on horseback knifing like an arrow through the air, free, purposeful, silent of mind, at peace and completely in union with the horse I was riding. Unforgettable. Like the razors edge of calm that always exists before a storm strikes (that unique calm that blankets the atmosphere a moment before the full power of a storm punches it's way though the sky). Something in the aural space of Peter's composition reminds me of that identifying element in the air before a squall rips through the everything. Listening to the track, for a brief moment in time I'm back on top of the galloping horse of my youth, ignited, alive and feeling the cold touch of the wind tattooing its signature on to my face... Check out the posting on Nowness - It's definitely got a vibe - calm and extreme - two opposites that share so much with each other.

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