Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Soldier

No doubt this is going to be riveting viewing - Adam Weiss brought the Winter Soldier documentary to my attention. Youtube has the film trailer posted for this Doc where 100+ Vietnam Vets gathered in a Detroit Hotel Conference room to testify about the war crimes they had witnessed and committed. This testimonial took place one month after the My Lai Massacre. The events in My Lai was one of the biggest black-eyes to the integrity of America that this nation has ever taken home from a conflict (that is up until the current war in Iraq). What happened in My Lai precipitated a series of major trigger mechanisms that ultimately led up to the US pulling out of SE Asia conflict arena. Digging around this topic of the winter soldiers on-line leads to some interesting places if you have the time to look - it still lingers out there, bleeding over to John Kerry and the Swift Boat Movement most recently.

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Adam Weiss said...

I might add one thing to your very well put sinopsis, and that is that there were Winter Soldier Hearings last year with Iraq War Vetarens most which from the IVAW and they to were not covered by the main stream media. Another case of history repeating itself.I hope it doesn't take another 30 odd years for their voices to be heard.