Friday, January 30, 2009

Burn Magazine

Burn is an evolving journal created for emerging and established photographers. It is curated by the eponymous lensman David Alan Harvey (who is not only one of the most enigmatic and passionate people you'll ever meet, but also one of the best photojournalists you'll ever witness the work of). He's a true master, but most importantly, he is incredibly dedicated to supporting and encouraging up and coming photographers to see the unique vision within themselves. A true educator and adventurer, a couple of Harvey's photographs are contained aboard the voyager 1 spacecraft's data disc (which also happens to be the most distant human-made object ever put in to space).  As a testament to the significance of that data, the contents of the Voyagers gold plated data record were specifically selected by Dr Carl Sagan himself. The purpose of the disc is to serve as a peaceful informative tool about planet Earth and the humans who sent the Voyager probe (should another intelligence of some kind ever encounter it). How's that for a personal accomplishment! - Obviously David doesn't have to lug a portfolio to too many meetings when his work is tattooed onto a spacecraft rapidly speeding out of our galaxy. Back here on earth Harvey's well worth the chat if you ever meet him. As a long standing member of Magnum he's got his place deeply secured in the history of Photography. Check out his work if you have time. It's well worth the education.

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