Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shad - The Calling

Shad - The Calling from 360 To Nowhere

I like anything done in motion that pushes the capabilities of a camera forward. What I post on this site is intended to lead people to new ideas, new camera techniques, interesting pieces of art or simply a path to competitions and opportunities for exhibitions that they would not normally discover. With the advent of motion and video capabilities in the latest 35mm cameras there are ways to shoot and capture things beyond my wildest imagination. Lately a lot of these camera manufacturers show videos by a select few photographers (many of whom produce very mediocre pieces). I encourage anyone who reads this blog to search beyond what those people are doing ("don't believe their hype") and discover the underground of a new generation of talent who are doing things that are experimental, exciting and very fresh.

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Matthew Trevithick said...

Stumbled on your blog - I think your photographic work is fantastic! (Coming from a hopeful professional myself; I still have to graduate high school.)

Shad actually comes from my hometown of London, Ontario. He - apparently - also went to the high school that I go to. I dont think he graduated from it, but he apparently went here for a bit from what I know.

I'm glad to see someone else knows about Shad. In the world of the 50 Cents and Justin Biebers, Shad is a virtual unknown unfortunately.

I look forward to your next photographic work :)